one of the leading dairy

producers in the World

About DTI

As a small country on the world map, the Netherlands have managed to become one of the leading dairy producing countries in the World and famous for their trading traditions which date back many generations. Netherlands dairy products enjoy international fame for their quality, purity and taste.

Producing the butter products you need

Our company is proud to be a family owned, private company. We belong to the DTI-group (Dairy Trading International), together with Van der Pol & Zn. & Wijsman.

Royal VIV Buisman is independent and to secure the best product quality, we purchase our fresh raw materials. We have our own factory for making cream butter and milkfat products.

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The sweet taste of succes

Van der Pol is one of the Netherlands’ larger suppliers of butter and butter products and is market leader in the packaging of fresh, top quality butter.

This butter is delivered in virtually every shape, size and quantity imaginable, supplying traditional users, industrial customers, the hotel and catering industry, and consumer markets both at home and abroad.

In addition to butter, Van der Pol is a major producer of fresh and frozen basic doughs such as puff pastry and croissant dough as well as bake-off products.

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A world of butter

H.J. Wijsman en Zonen, leading supplier of canned butter. Established in 1846 and with this the oldest company within our group.

The famous red, gold and green butter cans of the Wijsman brand are exported to countries with a tropical climate all over the world. Butter in cans is a specialty product and asks for careful treatment during the production stages, onward transportation and storing outside the refrigerator. Our canned butter us available in various sizes, qualities and brands.

Canned butter for problem-free use in tropical countries.

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